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The green (R)evolution in cities. 3rd ON THE GREEN WAY Conference

9th of June, online

On a global scale, cities use about 1% of the land area, and house about 55% of the world population (almost 75% in Europe). With increasing urbanization, the share of the population living in cities is expected to increase to 70% on a global scale by 2050, and up to 85% in Europe. As a consequence, many cities suffer from emissions to air and water, noise, and congestion.

How business, administration, municipalities, and NGOs can effectively lead the green revolution in Polish cities?

We invite you to take a part in a debate devoted to three areas of this wide topic.

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Wednesday, 9th of June 2021


10:00 – 10:05

Carsten Nilsen, Chairman of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

1st Session: Building sustainable cities

10:05 – 10:50

Marcin Andrzejczyk, Regional Marketing Manager CEE, Husqvarna

Anna Chodor, Project Development Director, YIT

Maria Dolniak, Sustainable buildings consultant, Board Member of the Future Cities Foundation, Sweco Polska

Leszek Drogosz, Director, City of Warsaw Infrastructure Department

Gaute Hagerup,  Head of Oslo office, C40 Cities

Monika Kupska-Kupis, Architect, VELUX Polska

Moderator: Marta Usielska, Head of Marketing, Property Management, CBRE

2nd Session: Circular cities

11:00 – 11:50

Izabela Van den Bossche, VP Communications, City Solutions, Fortum

Hans Christian Christiansen, City of Copenhagen

Lars Ibsen, CEO, Stena Recycling Poland

Fredrik Lange Fjell, R&D Manager, Slamrensing AS

Piotr Woźniakowski, Circular Economy expert, National Centre for Climate Change

Moderator: Julia Patorska, Partner Associate in Deloitte

3rd Session: Smart means green – technology for cities

12:15 – 13:00

Marek Gawroński, Public and Governmental Affairs Vice President, Volvo Group Poland

Martin Mellor, Country Manager, Ericsson Poland

Adam Targowski, Environmental Director, Skanska

Peter Ylen, Principal Scientist, VTT

Roland Zinkernagel, Sustainability strategist, City of Malmö

Moderator: Tuomas Asunmaa, SPCC Board Member, CEO Spondeo

1st Session Speakers

Marcin Andrzejczyk

Regional Marketing Manager CEE, Husqvarna

Marketing professional with 20 years of experience. Responsible for marketing and communication in Eastern Europe of Husqvarna Division. Passionate about technology shift from petrol to battery products used for shaping green spaces in cities.

Anna Chodor

Project Development Director, YIT

Anna Chodor has joined YIT Development almost 5 years ago and since 2020 she took the position of Project Development Director, being responsible for the design and formal preparation of all residential and non-residential investments in Poland. In line with YIT’s mission, every day she aims to create functional, sustainable and attractive living environments. She graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, as well as Aalborg University in Denmark with tile of Master of Science in Engineering.

Maria Dolniak

Sustainable buildings consultant, The Board Member of the Future Cities Foundation, Sweco Polska

Maria is professionally involved in a variety of projects, primarily in the area of sustainable buildings. She is a licensed consultant of the BREEAM Communities scheme that helps to create friendly housing estates and districts. She co-creates the Cities Future Foundation, which promotes sustainable development of cities by e.g. organizing Future Cities conference. She was the leader of the award team in the international RICS competition for the retention bench. Privately, she is involved in pro-social and pro-environmental initiatives.

Leszek Drogosz

Director, City of Warsaw Infrastructure Department

Director of the Infrastructure Office in the Warsaw City Hall, responsible for energy management, water, and sewage management. Throughout his career, he was associated with the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, especially in the field of supervision and management of municipal companies. He is involved in numerous, large and medium-sized EU projects. Representative of Warsaw in cooperation with the C40 organization and EUROCITIES, Deputy Chairman of the Warsaw Climate Protection Team and the Board of the Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités". Leszek Drogosz is responsible for the implementation of the "Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Consumption for the Capital City of Warsaw", the "Low-emission Economy Plan for the Capital City of Warsaw" and the preparation of the Warsaw Strategy of Adaptation to Climate Change.

Gaute Hagerup

Head of Oslo office, C40 Cities

Experienced Director Of Innovation with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry. Skilled in Entrepreneurship, Culture Change, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, and Management. Strong product management professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Organisation Studies from University of Warwick – Warwick Business School.

Monika Kupska-Kupis

Architect, VELUX Polska

Graduate of Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. At VELUX she is responsible for planning and implementation of activities supporting investors and architects and for the communication with architectural design firms and universities. She participates in many international projects of the VELUX Group, including Model Home 2020, Daylight Symposium, International VELUX Award "Light of Tomorrow" and activities related to the idea of sustainable construction.

1st Session Moderator

Marta Usielska

Head of Marketing, Property Management, CBRE

Marta Usielska is an expert with 15 years of experience in the marketing of the commercial real estate market. At CBRE, she is responsible for coordinating marketing activities, creating budgets and strategies, as well as marketing and PR conducted on all managed commercial properties from the CBRE portfolio. Her duties also include managing a team of specialists, recruiting, and conducting tender procedures. She takes care of customer satisfaction with the level of service provided and advises customers on communication and ‘customer journey’ at every stage of the ‘investment life’. In 2021, she joined the team that coordinates activities related to sustainable development and corporate responsibility at CBRE EMEA.

2nd Session Speakers

Izabela Van den Bossche

VP Communications, City Solutions, Fortum

She has over 15 years’ experience of working in an international environment in both public and private sector. She has been professionally involved with Fortum since 2008 where she holds the position of Vice President, Communications, City Solutions. She is responsible for developing media and government relations, implementing communications policies and brand development. Previously she was the Head of Communication, Poland, Baltics and New Markets and Director for Strategic Development and Cooperation. Earlier employed by Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment as the Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board. Between 1998 and 2006 she held the positions of Press Officer, Political Officer and Head of Science and Innovation Unit in British Embassy in Warsaw. She is a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, MA in English Language. She also completed postgraduate studies on Modern Management Techniques at Warsaw School of Economic.

Hans Christian Christiansen

Senior Advisor, City of Copenhagen

Hans Christian Christiansen is an expert in managing major cooperation projects both internally in the city and projects with European partners. Mr. Christiansen has specific experience with the environmental and city planning area, both from administrative work and from practice concerning inspections, planning and operations. The main focus areas today are Smart City topics, Waste recycling, Sustainable Urban development and Sustainable Mobility. Project manager on applications for EU funding, within areas such as Smart City topics, Waste recycling, Sustainable Mobility etc.

Lars Ibsen

CEO Stena Recycling Poland

Lars Ibsen, CEO Stena Recycling Poland, the leading recycling company in the Nordics and Poland, that provides reliable and effective total waste management solutions. With expertise knowledge and wide experience across all type of waste, Stena Recycling solves waste related challenges at all industries with innovative solutions for material recycling and resource optimization. Stena Recycling operates in Poland since 2001 with national coverage of 15 waste processing facilities. Each year recycles 700 000 tons of waste generated by different industries, turning them into new raw materials and products. Through our business we take an active role in the transition to a circular economy and sustainability.

Fredrik Lange Fjell

R&D Manager, Slamrensing AS

One of the founders of Slamrensing AS with 30 years of experience in work on the big oil platforms in health and safety department in Equinor. Slamrensing AS, a team of engineers and instrument technicians with extensive experience, offers complete solutions for water and sludge treatment when it comes to tunnels and construction pits, including water recycling and have high focus on environment. Slamrensing AS has its factory in Tønsberg, 100 km south of Oslo.

Piotr Woźniakowski

Circular Economy Expert, National Centre for Climate Change

Piotr Woźniakowski is a Circular Economy expert at the Polish National Centre for Climate Change. He has advisory experience in the area of Circular Economy and Sustainable Development. Piotr holds a Master’s degree from the University of Copenhagen in the field of Climate Change. He is also a scholar of the European Climate-KIC Master Label Program, organized by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. During his academic activity, Piotr was expanding his knowledge about climate change and sustainable development at the University of Colorado Boulder in the United States.

2nd Session Moderator

Julia Patorska

Partner Associate in Deloitte

An expert in the field of economic and environmental analyses, Julia has extensive knowledge of the functioning of the public sector, financing public investments and the relationship between economic phenomena and market impacts. She advises on forecasting the impact that planned regulations and changes in implemented policies will have on the economy and society, and conducts research on the development of a vast range of industries and markets. Julia is the leader of the economic analysis team within the Sustainability & Economics unit, identifying links between (and bridging) sustainable development and economics. Since 2017, Julia also holds the position of President of the Board of the Association of Polish Economists (TEP).

3rd Session Speakers

Marek Gawroński

Public and Governmental Affairs Vice President, Volvo Group Poland

Marek Gawroński has many years of experience in companies of the transport, automotive, oil, gas, and energy sectors. Before joining Volvo he held senior positions – including at Alstom, Shell, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, and Vattenfall, with responsibility for the domestic market as well as for the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. In 2018, he joined Volvo Polska as Vice President of Public Relations. Since January 2020, he is also responsible for creating Volvo’s sales strategy, sales supervision, and management, building relationships with key customers – in the area of city buses, intercity buses and coaches, on the Polish market and in the Baltic States.

Martin Mellor

Country Manager, Ericsson Poland

Martin Mellor is a telecommunications professional with 25 years’ ICT experience. Martin Mellor has been an active promoter and influencer of the 5G technology in Poland. Collaborating with the Ericsson R&D Centres in Poland together with industry, academia, and start-ups to develop innovative solutions for real industry issues. Martin Mellor is also a strong support of diversity in ICT and has been a mentor in the IT for SHE 2017.

Adam Targowski

Environmental Director, Skanska

Adam Targowski joined Skanska in 2013 as Project Leader. His experience is related to cooperation with Go4Energy providing consulting and training in the field of sustainable development, energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, and multicriteria certification. In 2016, Adam took over the role of Sustainable Development Manager and in 2020 Sustainovation Manager in Skanska Commercial Development Europe. Adam is leading R&D cooperation with Saule technologies on Perovskite photovoltaic, buildings’ solutions. Adam is involved in many organizations promoting sustainable development in the CEE region: RICS, Urban Land Institute i Polish Green Building Council, where he is an advisory board member.

Peter Ylen

Principal Scientist, VTT

Dr. Peter Ylén is a Principal Scientist and Team Leader of the Smart City Impact Assessment team. He is the product owner of the VTT CityTune® impact assessment tool used in impact assessment and solving complex challenges in a city context. Recent application fields include topics, such as energy optimization, sustainable traffic policies, managing youth social exclusion, improving quality and productivity in construction, determining leverage points for regional attractiveness, developing regional circular economy, and planning future hospitals. His area of interest is modeling, simulation, optimization, analysis, and re-engineering of technological, social, cognitive and business processes.

Roland Zinkernagel

Sustainability strategist, City of Malmö

Roland Zinkernagel has been working for the City of Malmö for over 20 years. He has been involved in implementing measures to make the city more sustainable, all from aspects of mobility, energy efficiency in new construction, climate adaptation to education for sustainable development, and cooperation with stakeholders to achieve the city’s ambitions. He has been leading internationally and EU-funded projects. His current role is assessing the city’s spatial plans for environmental and sustainability concerns. He is also enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate at Lund University, researching the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at local level.

3rd Session Moderator

Tuomas Asunmaa

SPCC Board Member, CEO Spondeo

Tuomas Asunmaa is the founder and CEO of Spondeo – a Finnish-Polish company specialized in remote recruitment and go-to-market projects. He is also a board member of SPCC and former chairman of the Finnish Trade Guild. Tuomas is originally from North Finland, lives currently in Poznan, and has over 10 years of experience in the Polish market.